Current Issue
November, 2023

  • Vol. 27 No. 02
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  • Femoral Mass in Bone Mineral Densitometry

    Han-Kyung Seo, Do-Cheol Choi , Cheol-Min Shim , Jin-Hyeong Jo

    A 55-year-old female patient, referred by the endocrine metabolism department, was recommended for orthopedic surgery because a lesion was found in the proximal femur in the bone mineral densitometry (BMD). Pelvis AP and frog-leg images performed by the orthopedic ...

  • Synthesis of Novel 18F-Labeled-Nitroimidazole-Based Imaging Agents for Hypoxia: Recent Advances

    Anh Thu Nguyen and Hee-Kwon Kim

    Hypoxia indicates the condition of low oxygen levels in tissues. In oncology, hypoxia can induce cancer progression and metastasis, as well as cause resistance to cancer therapies. The detection of hypoxia by using molecular imaging, particularly, positron emission tomography ...

  • Calculation of the Least Significant Change Value of Bone Densitometry Using a Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry System

    Han-Kyung Seo, Do-Cheol Choi, Cheol-Min Shim, Jin-Hyeong Jo

    Purpose: The precision error of a bone density meter reflects the equipment and reproducibility of results by an examiner. Precision error values can be expressed as coefficient of variation (CV), CV%, and root mean square-SD (RMS-SD). The International Society for Clinical Densitometry ...

  • Usefulness of volumetric BMD measurement by using low dose CT image acquired on L-spine Bone SPECT/CT

    Hyunsoo Ko, Soonki Park, Eunhye Kim, Jongsook Choi, Wooyoung Jung and Dongyun Lee

    Purpose: CT scan makes up for the weak point of the nuclear medicine image having a low resolution and also were used for attenuation correction on image reconstruction. Recently, many studies try to make use of CT images additionally, one of them is to measure ...

  • Study of 68Ga Labelled PET/CT Scan Parameters Optimization

    In Suk Kwak, Hyuk Lee, Si Hwal Kim and Seung Cheol Moon

    Purpose: Gallium-68 (68Ga) is increasingly used in nuclear medicine imaging for various conditions such as lymphoma and neuroendocrine tumors by labeling tracers like Prostate Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA) and DOTA-TOC. However, compared to Fluorine-18 ...

  • Study on the PET image quality according to various scintillation detectors based on the Monte Carlo simulation

    Eunsoo Kim, Chanrok Park

    Purpose: Positron emisson tomography (PET) is a crucial medical imaging scanner for the detection of cancer lesions. In order to maintain the improved image quality, it is crucial to apply detectors of superior performance. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to ...

  • Prolactin Monomeric Polyethylene Glycol Measurement Method and Study of Reference Value Verification

    Dong Hyuk Ha, Hwa-Jin Ryu, Hyun-Su Cho, Sun-Young Shin

    Purpose: Prolactin in the blood is separated into three types, and over 90% of prolactin presents as a double monomer (23 KDa). Rarely, it can exist in the size of big prolactin (150 KDa), which is called macroprolactin and is known as an autoantibody complex. When ...