Online First
November, 2023

  • Vol. 27 No. 02
  • Femoral Mass in Bone Mineral Densitometry

    Han-Kyung Seo, Do-Cheol Choi, Cheol-Min Shim, Jin-Hyeong Jo

  • Calculation of the Least Significant Change Value of Bone Densitometry Using a Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry System

    Han-Kyung Seo, Do-Cheol Choi, Cheol-Min Shim, Jin-Hyeong Jo

  • Synthesis of Novel 18F-Labeled-Nitroimidazole-Based Imaging Agents for Hypoxia: Recent Advances

    Anh Thu Nguyen and Hee-Kwon Kim

  • Usefulness of volumetric BMD measurement by using low dose CT image acquired on L-spine Bone SPECT/CT

    Hyunsoo Ko, Soonki Park, Eunhye Kim, Jongsook Choi, Wooyoung Jung and Dongyun Lee

  • Study on the PET image quality according to various scintillation detectors based on the Monte Carlo simulation

    Eunsoo Kim, Chanrok Park

  • Study of 68Ga Labelled PET/CT Scan Parameters Optimization

    In Suk Kwak, Hyuk Lee, Si Hwal Kim and Seung Cheol Moon

  • Prolactin Monomeric Polyethylene Glycol Measurement Method and Study of Reference Value Verification

    Dong Hyuk Ha, Hwa-Jin Ryu, Hyun-Su Cho, Sun-Young Shin